Operation Christmas

Every year we have been blessed to provide each child with a special CHRISTMAS BOX. Thank you all for helping us each year. Each box is filled with fun surprises. Over fifty families have shopped for the children and decorated a box for their special child.  Next year we hope to expand this project with your continued help.  Go to our “Contact Us” option to sign-up for this coming Christmas.  Thank You.

Grocery Run

Amigos del Orfanato, Inc. has been raising funds to support the monthly “Grocery Run” project.  We are always concerned that the children are receiving sufficient nourishment.  Every month we wire funding to  enable NDC staff to purchase their monthly supply of high protein groceries: beef, chicken, cheese eggs, milk, and yogurt. “Seeing the daily diet of rice and beans with little, if any protein, was alarming to both Suzi and I.” We thank God for our supporters who have been helping with this project.